Enfamil Nutrition Kits

    Support, samples, and savings for the best start in life

    Created for both breast-feeding and formula-feeding moms, the Enfamil Nutrition Kits are customized with helpful resources and offers tailored to the feeding method mom chooses.

    Each kit comes complete with cooler bag, water bottle and molded ice pack to transport breast milk or formula while on the go.

    Ordering information

    Enfamil NeuroPro Nutrition Kit (Liquid)

    Item #: 3006-U3

    Enfamil NeuroPro Nutrition Kit (NeuroPro Infant and Gentlease Powder)

    Item #: 3006-U4

    Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare Sample Kit (Powder)

    Item #: 0019-88

    Support Kit for NICU Parents

    Item #: 3006-D1